[November 9, 2014] MIG 2014 is done! Conference awards go to…

The Motion in Games 2014 conference is now finished!

The conference awards go to:

Best Paper
“Trade-offs between Responsiveness and Naturalness for Player Characters”
by Aline Normoyle and Sophie Joerg

Best Student Paper
“Coupling Cloth and Rigid Bodies for Dexterous Manipulation”
by Yunfei Bai and Karen Liu

Best Poster Paper
“(Reverse) k-Nearest Neighbors for Moving Objects”
by Zahed Rahmati, Valerie King, Sue Whitesides

Best Presentation
“Strain Limiting for Clustered Shape Matching”
by Adam Bargteil and Ben Jones

Also, five of the papers will be invited to a special issue dedicated to the conference in Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds as extended versions. In addition to the Best Paper and Best Student Paper winners, these three:

“Anticipatory Balance Control”
Amir Hossein Rabbani (McGill University);Paul G. Kry (McGill University);Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia)

“Motion Planning with Rigid-Body Dynamics for Generalized Traveling Salesman Tours”
Sara Rashidian (Catholic University of America);Erion Plaku (Catholic University of America);Stefan Edelkamp (University of Bremen)

“Generating Hand Motion from Body Motion”
Masaki Oshita (Kyushu Institute of Technology);Yuta Senju (Kyushu Institute of Technology)